May 13

“Father, give me the courage to love.”
That was the intercession response at church today. Seven simple words, taunting yet apt.

The courage to love, enough to let people into your life, even if you know that it doesn’t take much for someone to go all Hulk and tear you from the inside out. The courage to offer yourself for an open suckerpunch, hopefully to someone who has no intention of giving you one.

The courage to love, enough to forgive and let go of the cards you conveniently stack and stand atop of, just like a platform to leer over everyone else. Enough to look past the ugly and choose to see someone as a new slate. To get over the fact that you’ve been taken for an idiot, and you won’t take any step as payback.

The courage to love, enough to stop the nasty habit of berating yourself. Of believing that you are loveable. The thought’s so simple, yet why does it feel impossible to do it?

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